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Luxury in Corsica ARCHIVED: Unspoilt beauty that might just leave you breathless

Accessible with an overnight ferry from France or Italy or via the international airport at Ajaccio or Bastia or by private jet, Corsica is really just next door to Europe. Its coastline is quite well known to boaters and its roads famous to motorcyclists, but actually not many have been to this island as it does not cater to mass tourism in any way (wonderful!). Not particularly known for its cuisine although aficionados swear by the cheese (very salty) and the charcuterie. The wines too are an acquired taste but you can find an international selection as with everywhere these days. The island's inhabitants have been known to resort to drastic measures to defend the beauty of which they are the self-appointed guardians, but the result is spectacular: just don't annoy them would be the best advice we could give.

For those of you looking for beautiful nature and an island that looks like it has not changed in twenty years (so for the Europe of another era) you will be most pleasantly surprised to discover Corsica. Natural settings seem to change every few kilometers, especially on the West coast. To the north is the sophisticated resort of Calvi that is beginning to be quite built up. To the north-east, west and south-west are completely pristine areas of nature. In the south-east are the resorts of Speronne and Cala Rossa with beautiful villas and even more beautiful coastline.

  • Horse-riding
  • Golf
  • Boating
  • Mountain-climbing
  • Cultural visits
  • Fishing
  • Paragliding
  • Walking

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You will not see ugly buildings, telephone poles, or factories spoiling your views or the landscape. This is an island with snow capped mountains and turquoise seas. For fans of beautiful nature you need go no further. There is probably no more beautiful area to holiday on the Mediterranean than the south west of this island. The accent is on casual and unpretentious rather than jet-set.

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