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Luxury in Other Italian Regions ARCHIVED: A dream destination

• Varying landscapes: majestic mountain ranges, picturesque lakes, rolling countryside, unending coastline with magical beaches, archipelagos of islands
• Unsurpassed cultural heritage: archaeology, art, music, architecture, history
• Health care: thermal baths, spas
• High fashion: the mecca of haute couture
• Mild climate; sunshine all year round

Situated in Mediterranean Europe, the Italian peninsula is surrounded by many seas. There is a great deal of variety in the landscape, although it is dominated by two mountain chains: the Alps and the Apennines. Central Italy is characterized by a green hilly landscape and the Italian beaches are like treasures to discover and behold. Italy has a long recorded history and endless cultural attractions. Ancient monuments and archeological sites are perfectly preserved; the museums are bursting with the genius of Italy's finest sons; contemporary architects are still inspired by ancient buildings and squares. Italian cities are veritable living museums and two thirds of the world's historical artistic heritage sites are in Italy. The country's richness in thermal and mineral waters, combined with the mildness of the climate and the beauty of the scenery, have made it a favourite tourist destination. Of all the countries in the world, there is none more magical than Italy!

  • Water-skiing
  • Boating
  • Mountain-climbing
  • Cultural visits
  • Vineyards
  • Touring


• Cultural tourism: archaeology, art, music, architecture, history
• Scenic tourism
• Health care tourism
• Fashion tourism: the mecca of high fashion
• Agricultural tourism: olives, vineyards

• Skiing and other snow sport activities
• Water sports (sea, lakes, rivers)
• Cycling, soccer, golf, tennis

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