Rossignol – another best day!

Rossignol – another best day Rossingnol, another best day

Are you heading out to the Alps this winter season? Do you normally rent your ski’s from the recommended store of your chalet manager? Have you ever really stopped to think about what is on the bottom of your ski boots?

I have skied for over 20 years of my life, I am definitely no expert but I am happy to ski pretty much anything, but… I still don’t own a pair of skis, even after working in the ski industry for 4 years and living in Courchevel 1850 for 6 months! Perhaps it is high time to invest?

It has taken me a while to become educated on the best ski brands to go for, and, sometimes, like many on the slopes, I get carried away by the look of the ski; will it match my ski jacket? Is it the same make as my salopetts? Ridiculous I know, but when you may bump into Kate Middleton or Victoria Beckham on the slopes you have to look your best! I am sure this is the same for many men out there, although I am guessing you look for the most technical skis, the ones which will show the rest of the world you are a professional (in training perhaps)

Today I wanted to introduce you to Rossignol, a well-known brand on the slopes, but did you know it is one of the best in France? As a woman skier it is refreshing to hear them say ‘We know what women want’ and it seems they do, we want to feel free, stand at the top of the mountain and let our worries fade away whilst taking the ride to the bottom, we want to feel comfortable and feel confident in what we wear. A priority focus of Rossignol is to build a close relationship with women and provide exactly what we want.

The new ‘All Track Pro 110 Women’ is a ski boot designed to meet ‘our’ requirements and would be my top pick this season: It has been designed in respect of our anatomy and body shape, innovations in terms of comfort and ease, using anti slip soles and thermal insulation and most of all it is stylish! A good looking boot, resolutely feminine and consistent with the Rossignol brand and of course, what women want.

All Track Pro 110 WomenThe ‘TMX 120’ boot is another top pick for the younger skiers, easily adaptable for those ‘Tiny Tots’ who want style and as well as technique, able to be personalised to the wearer with 6 different styled straps.


TMX 120

And for the men? Our top recommendation would be the the ‘Air Tip’ the future of the rocker featuring a patented technology exclusive to Rossignol. The Tip is filled with air for maximum lightness and constructed to retain maximum torsional rigidity. The centre of gravity is closer to the centre of the ski, concentrating power under the skier’s feet – a beautifully designed ski enabling you to perform to your best.

Rossignol, Soul 7 Air Tip

This year Rossignol joings forces with the most prestigious winter resorts; Megeve, Chamonix, Zermatt, Grindelwald, St Moritz, Davos, Lech, St Anton, Garmisch, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Kitzbuhel.

The aim? To give an even clearer illustration of its desire to reach out to enthusiasts, while taking an analytical look at skiers practises and needs.

Events will be staged in the resorts with their three year partnership to give the groups brand an even higher profile in these iconic resorts. To mark the launch of this partnership, Rossignol will use this winter to offer a limited series, high end piste ski proudly flying the Best of the Alps colours, and which will be available in the partner resorts.

So if you are looking for some advice, support or the best ski equipment readily available at your fingertips, Leo Trippi’s brand of choice is Rossignol. If you are in any of these prestigious resorts this winter, make sure to get involved and get specialist advice on what suits your needs the best. I can only recommend and give you my opinion, the best way is to speak to the professionals.

Myself and team, however, can be of assistance in booking your next winter chalet to one of these prestigious resorts. Speak to one of our specialist sales consultants for more information at today.

Rossignol: Another best Day!

The cold and the sun.

The blue and the white.

The peaks in wintertime.

Snowflakes meeting on the tongue.

A first turn, followed by the second.

Accelerating, jumping, laying down perfect carves.

Marvelling, sharing, experiencing.

This day will keep its promise.

So that every day on snow can be its best.

For intense sensations,

For shared and continuously renewed emotions.

To end this great day with arms outstretched,

Feeling absurdly happy.

Like yesterday and like tomorrow.

Another best day!