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Many of Leo guests enjoy fine dining, hence our new venture into #FoodieFriday to give you an insight into some of the best places to dine in the mountains, examples of what your in chalet chef can provide bespoke to your requirements and nutritional advice.Dan Doherty D&W

This week we have been speaking to head chef Dan Doherty at Duck & Waffle in the Heron Tower, London, in regards to his nutritional tips to make the most of your time on the hill. Many of us crave carbs and get hungry throughout the day, find out how to suppress this in Dan Doherty’s interview below:

Dan, as Executive Chef of Duck & Waffle you have to be very busy. Do you sometimes find time to ski? 

Yes, I try to get out at least once a year – it’s the best way to de-stress from work.

What would you recommend are the best foods to be eating whilst on a ski holiday?

Naturally one wants to eat lots of carbs and heavy meats when it’s cold, which to some extent you need, but, with a big days skiing ahead, I’d suggest going for a big breakfast, with plenty of fruit to keep your vitamin c up, and lots of carbs are fine here too, as they will get burned off fairly quickly. Then throughout the day I’d recommend trimming the carbs down, whilst still eating plenty to keep your energy levels up.

D&W breakfast

It is difficult being on holiday, having your own chef and still trying to stick to a nutritional diet to make the most of your time on the slopes, what would your advice be?

If you can’t stick to a specific diet, my advice is simple, eat less, and move more, if losing weight is your aim. Sounds too easy I know, but it makes perfect sense to me.

D&W canapes

What foods would you recommend to pack in your rucksack to help keep energy levels up throughout the day?

Toasted nuts and seeds are great, but stay away from cereal bars, which often have lots of hidden sugars. Bananas are always a winner too.

D&W salad

I personally find, once I hit a high altitude resort and I am skiing all day that I just want to eat and eat, what foods are good to supress hunger and feel fuller for longer?

I’d suggest eating less, but more often, if you’re constantly hungry, as opposed to 3 meals a day. Drink plenty of water and tea too, that always helps.

They say breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, what would be good for skiers?

Porridge, muesli, bread, carbs carbs carbs at the start of the day.

D&W, London

Finally if you were a chef in a winter ski chalet, what would your perfect menu be, breakfast, afternoon tea, canapés and evening meal?

If I were a chef in a chalet, my perfect menu would be one that satisfies all of the guests, whatever the dietary or nutrition requirements. That’s what cooking is all about, making everyone smile.

D&W main

To keep upto date with Dan Doherty and his adventures at Duck and Waffle, follow him on Twitter @DanDoherty_ or if in London, pop in and sample some of his fine food.