Leo Trippi urges guests to be safe in the snow


A lot of people think they are invincible whilst on a pair of skis, no matter how many years you have been skiing it is difficult to read the snow, and as we have all seen and heard in the news lately, Michael Schumacher fell victim to the elements and is now critically ill with a head injury. We wish him a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with him and his family at this difficult time.

Leo Trippi wants to share with its guests three basic recommendation to keep safe on the slopes:

  • Helmets may not be the coolest of accessories or match you designer ski suit but it is essential to wear! There are plenty of ski stores in resorts, so if you don’t already own a helmet, make sure to rent or purchase one as soon as you get to resort. This is a very simple step to protecting yourself.
  • Listen to the weather reports, stay on piste and be aware of what is going on around you.
  • If you ski off piste or like to use the cross country tracks, speak with a guide and ensure you have a clear route set out.

Henry-off-piste-avalanche-sWhen I started my ski season 4 years ago I got introduced to Henry, the avalanche experts (HAT). I would personally recommend all our guests to visit Henry’s website to get clued up on how to stay safe in the snow. You will also have access to download a free article on how to do this. HAT has been helping off piste skiers and riders to get more from the mountain for 20 years. They are the expert people to go to, from advice on what equipment to take off piste with you to essential survival tips on what to do should you end up in an avalanche.

HAT is a team of ski professionals and free riders who are committed to helping you have more fun off piste. They can help you develop avalanche awareness and provide you with insight on skiing off piste and development of off-piste skiing skills. Here is a video to help you stay safe whilst on the hill.

Additionally, Leo also recommends following the Travel tips from the Foreign Commomwealth Office (FCO)

  • Make sure you have valid and adequate travel insurance, even if you’re only planning a short trip.
  • If you plan on skiing ‘off-piste’, which remember includes the area right next to marked runs, make sure you are covered in case of injury.
  • If you are considering any other leisure activities in resort such as ice climbing, heli-skiing, ice driving, parapenting you must ensure your policy covers you.
  • Read up on your destination, including local laws and customs. It’s also worth talking to your travel agent or tour operator about possible risks.
  • Remember the resort you stay in is likely to be very cold, and even more so at altitude, so ensure you pack warm clothes and appropriate shoes.
  • Make photocopies of your passport, visas, insurance details and any other important travel documents. Take one copy with you (packed separately from your real documents) and leave another copy with a relative or friend at home.

Have a beautiful year and stay safe in 2014!


Photo credit: www.laobserved.com /www.henrysavalanchetalk.com