We’ve done it again: The World’s Best Ski Travel Agent 2015!

Bonjour à tous, I think it is appropriate that I share the exhilarating personal experience of representing Leo Trippi at the World Ski Awards 2015. For a second year in a row Leo Trippi was chosen as the World’s Best Ski Travel Agent!

World Ski Awards 2015: Celine Renaud accepting the winner's award on behalf of Leo Trippi Luxury Travel

World Ski Awards 2015: Celine Renaud accepting the winner’s award

On the road back (3) On the road back (1)

I drove back yesterday from Kitzbühel and can confirm that there is already a lot of snow in Austria and in Switzerland, which is a positive sign for a splendid ski season to come. As you all know, I am not the best driver in snow conditions, but as last year, the Award sat in the car next to me and together we had a safe drive back home.

Let me start at the beginning.  After receiving the award last year we were all very apprehensive about the outcome of our efforts for this year.  We know that the competition is strong since we recognize the high level of professionalism maintained by our colleagues-competitors.

Breakfast A Rosa Kitzbuhel

A Rosa Hotel Kitzbuhel SpaOn Friday evening I had dinner with some friends and Saturday morning I went for an early morning swim to calm my nerves in the luxurious pool.


Breakfast at A-Rosa Kitzbühel was delightful – a splendid way to seize the day!

Kitzmitw Kitzbuhel guide First snow in Kitzbuhel Bedroom A Rosa Kitzbuhel (1) A Rosa Hotel 1st Snow @Blizzard new ski collectionLunch at Meilinger Taberne






At 9:00 we left for a very nice ski factory called Blizzard where Mr Exenberger showed us around and there are some very interesting things that I will share with you in a later blog. Then lunch in a nice tavern, where they served us the biggest beer I ever saw in my life! After visiting a little town we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Awards.




For dinner my table was N°10: with Barry and Fiona, the owners of the Casino of Kitzbühel as well as the group of Val Thorens.

Welcome to Diner's Party




It was rather late in the evening when the following was said: “The World Best Ski Travel… the winner is…” and for some reason I did not expect the next words to be Leo Trippi.  BUT when it was said, it took my brain half a second to veer my body into action, “I jump sincerely outside my chair”, ran, and received the award with great joy.  I had to improvise my speech because none of what I had prepared before was describing the emotions that I felt.

Winner Leo Trippi with the organisationWorld Ski Awards 2015 Celine Renaud

I clung to the award as if I was scared somebody will take it from me.

Sion Rapson, Managing Director of the World Ski Awards™, Josef Margreiter – Geschäftsführer – Tirol Werbung and Steve Rider, World Ski Awards 2015 Host were all witness to my jubilant moment.

After a lot of water and only 1 beer and a greasy “Wagenmeister” I went to bed: at 2:00AM and … very happy I slept like an angel.

I am back home again – very proud of the Leo Trippi team and of course thinking of how we can maintain and enhance our service to our clients in order to stay worthy of this award.

Lastly I want to convey Leo Trippi’s gratitude to the organizers of this splendid awards event
for again making this a memory to cherish and a moment to motivate!

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