<p>With 7 ski resorts, Alaska provides the perfect setting for a luxury ski holiday in the Arctic.</p>

Luxury Ski Lodges Alaska

With 7 ski resorts, Alaska provides the perfect setting for a luxury ski holiday in the Arctic.

Luxury Ski Holidays in Alaska

Alaska’s Arctic region is a vast, sparsely populated area where caribou outnumber people. Here you will find traditional Inuit villages as well as national parks and wildlife, including muskoxen, bears and moose. One highway links this remote region to the rest of Alaska, and most destinations in the far north are accessible only by air. Tours of the region normally start from Fairbanks or Anchorage.

Located halfway between Fairbanks and Anchorage is the famous Denali National Park, home to the “roof of North America.” Although the park revolves around snow capped Denali, the wild rivers and glaciers, boreal forest and tundra are just as inspiring.

Alaska is also one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights. The viewing season lasts almost seven months, with Alaskan nights dark enough to showcase the auroras between mid-August through to mid-April.

With the majority of Alaska’s ski resorts located near the coast, skiers can enjoy ideal snow conditions for their luxury ski holiday in Alaska. This beautiful destination has seven ski areas which include Alyeska, Eaglecrest, Mt. Aurora, Moose Mountain, Arctic Valley, Hill Top and Mount Eyak.

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Sheldon Chalet

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Capacity: 10 guests, bedrooms: 5
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"The lodge sits 6,000 feet above sea level, atop a granite outcrop and amid a 35-square-mile snowfield amphitheater, offering knockout views of the peak of Denali—North America’s highest mountain—only ten miles to the northwest. But it’s not just the setting and vistas that impress. The five-bedroom, hexagonally shaped, eco-conscious chalet sleeps ten in plush digs and comes with an expert staff of two guides, a chef, and a concierge."

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Luxury Lodges in Alaska

One of the best places to view the lights is Sheldon Chalet. Its unique location at 63 degrees north latitude and 6,000ft (±1820m) elevation means the troposphere is one of the thinnest on the planet; which allows you to see the aurora borealis more often and brighter than elsewhere.

There are also plenty of other activities to experience during your stay, from heli-skiing, glacier treks and mountaineering to star-gazing and sight-seeing flights. Sheldon Chalet is accessible by air, with transportation by helicopter.

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The largest state in the USA, Alaska occupies a huge peninsula in the extreme northwest of North America with coastlines on the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans, as well as the Chukchi and Bering Seas. The primary airports in Alaska are Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.