<p>With 5 well-equipped ski resorts, Iceland provides the perfect setting for a luxury ski holiday in the Arctic.</p>

Luxury Ski Lodges Iceland

With 5 well-equipped ski resorts, Iceland provides the perfect setting for a luxury ski holiday in the Arctic.

Luxury Ski Holidays in Iceland

With rugged mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and fjords, Iceland has a dazzling landscape where nature reigns supreme. Thanks to its northerly location, Iceland is a great place to view the Northern Lights from luxury ski lodges. It is also a world-class destination for ski-touring, backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering.

Aside from skiing, there is a dazzling array of activities to enjoy in Iceland: from snowmobiling, photography tours or whale watching to salmon fishing and fat biking. In summer you can enjoy horse riding, hiking, a tour of Iceland’s famous hot springs, kayaking and surfing. April to September is a prime time for fly fishing.

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Deplar Farm

Iceland, Arctic

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"An escape at the edge of the world, Deplar Farm is off-grid glamour defined."

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Luxury Lodges in Iceland

One of the best places from which to experience these many adventures is Deplar Farm. Located in the Fljot Valley on the Troll Peninsula, Deplar Farm is a gateway to endless outdoor activities in both summer and winter.

Having been transformed from a sheep farm into a modern Arctic retreat, the property's proximity to the Arctic Circle allows for sightings of the Northern Lights between April and October.

Skiing in Iceland

Skiing in Iceland

Whilst many head to Iceland to view the northern lights and spectacular scenery, Iceland is a fantastic option for a luxury ski holiday. While during the winter months of November through to May the majority of the country is covered with snow and ice, there are surprisingly few ski resorts. The majority of the skiing in Iceland is guided off-piste skiing through to heli-skiing and land or sea-based ski touring.

Heading north away from the main tourists attractions of Reykjavík is the Troll Peninsula which has many ski areas accessed by heli-ski operators offering an incredible summit-to-sea powder skiing like no other. If combining a sea-bound journey and a mountain experience is more your thing, many operators venture out of Ísafjörður harbour into the north-western fjords for a unique sail and ski experience. Sail to a different location each day and then ski tour or splitboard some of the most remote terrain in Iceland.

Ski resorts in Iceland

If you are looking to combine skiing with a few other activities, then a ski holiday to Iceland may just be for you. The country has just 13 small local resorts, with the biggest of those, Bláfjöll. Bláfjöll has just 15 km of slopes with 16 lifts so would make the perfect option for beginners looking to try skiing or families looking for a great day out. Intermediate skiers and above may well be disappointed with the lack of terrain in the Iceland ski resorts, certainly in comparison to the Alps, and may wish to look at either ski touring or heli-skiing as options.

Iceland Northern Lights Holiday

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis. Peak season for viewing the northern lights in Iceland is September through to March when the nights are long. You can also see them towards the end of August but they tend to be fainter due to the lighter evenings. The general rule is the darker it is, the better. Why not combine your trip to see the northern lights with a guided heli-ski tour at the renowned Deplar Farm? This converted sheep farm is the ultimate luxurious Icelandic retreat and provides a gateway to multiple Arctic adventures.

How to have the perfect luxury ski holiday in Iceland

  1. Wake up at Deplar farm to a freshly prepared Icelandic breakfast prepared by an award-winning chef, ready to conquer the mountains.
  2. Head out for a day exploring the local wilderness, whether that be on skis, foot or bike or even by helicopter
  3. Return to Deplar Lodge and indulge yourself in their first-class wellness facilities, from a relaxing massage to a stunning outdoor pool surrounded by snow. For the brave, try the Viking sauna ritual, involving intensive temperature immersion.
  4. Sit down to a stunning array of local foods mixed with international flavours for a taste experience you will never forget.
  5. Sit out under the dancing aurora borealis and watch the show!

Location & Map

Iceland is a remote island located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport is the country’s largest airport and its main hub for international transportation. For those staying at Deplar Farm, the nearest airport is Akureyri Airport (88km).