Leo Trippi's catered chalets in Japan for your luxury ski holiday

Luxury in Japan: Eastern paradise of sights, shopping and new experiences

Visiting Japan is an experience like no other. The culture, cuisine and beauty of this country will amaze and surprise even the well-travelled visitors. Hundreds of years of cultural treasures mix with the technological and electronic facilities of a country, that is on the forefront of all that is modern. Reside in a state of the art luxury villa in Japan and enjoy an Eastern paradise of sights, shopping and new experiences. See the beautifully dressed geishas of Kyoto, find peace in a traditional Zen sand garden or let the buzzing streets of Tokyo show you the latest and greatest gadgets, modern architecture and trendy health cafes. Japanese cuisine is splendidly different from anything Western and it is impossible to get enough of the deliciously fresh sushi and perfectly flavoured broths. Japan may be home to one of the world’s busiest cities but it also has some of the unique natural terrains for visitors to explore. Japan’s snow-capped mountains and Hokkaidõ are the perfect playgrounds for skiing, hiking and having a forest adventure.

The UNESCO World Heritage site, Shiretoko National Park, will enthrall you with its deep green canopies and clear water streams. In this part of Japan, you will find beautifully lush forests and endless ski slopes contrasted with colourful coral reefs in Okinawa in the south. After a day of exercise, there are few things as relaxing as a long soak in Japanese onsen (steam bath). With the meticulous attention to detail that has become a way of life in this country you will always feel welcome and looked after. Sipping sake and visiting boutiques can take up an entire day but be sure to make time for some uniquely modern Japanese experiences too. Visiting video game parlors, seeing fascinating neon coloured sculptures or a traditional kubuki theatre performance are just some of the treats that await you in this fascinating country. Let Japan’s rich history, sacred traditions, charming culture, luxury chalets and private ski apartments transport you to a modern world entwined with myths and legends when you embark on a true Asian experience.

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