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Leo Trippi's private villas for rent in Pampa Grande for your luxury holiday

Luxury in Pampa Grande: Wide open spaces and gauchos

Welcome to this exceptional Estancia, which similar to an American ranch. Pampa Grande is a historical place built in the sixteenth century. Today, with its 11 rooms and antique furniture, a very special atmosphere emanates from this colonial residence. The old colonial House or “sala” is surrounded by sheltered galleries. These offer a seamless transfer between indoors and outdoors, thereby providing a true contact with nature. The farm is centred round a luxury villa in the form of a large Spanish colonial house and a small village of 150 inhabitants. The location is unique. Situated in the middle of a vast fertile plain (Pampa grande), surrounded by mountains, the property boasts 30000 ha of land. Three hours' drive from Salta, the Estancia is away from tourist roads, adding to its charm.

Here you can spend a couple of days riding in the hills, using mules as pack animals, sleeping in tents under the stars. The Estancia is home to two colonies of condor as well as a variety of other species and was once the site of an indigenous community, many of the remains of which you can see today. As well as horse riding over the wide plains, you can go bicycling round the farm, take hiking excursions in the hills, enrol for lessons in local dances or swim in the 50 acre lake beside the main house. Here you can share life with the gauchos, the mythical cowboys of the American continent. Pampa Grande is about cattle farming with 6500 head of cattle and 300 horses looked after by 30 gauchos working in the property. Be sure to try the beef!

  • Horse-riding
  • Fishing
  • Fine dining
  • Walking


Enjoying nature is one of the main things to do here. You also have the privilege to take dance lessons in the traditional local dances.

Swimming in the lake, horse riding and biking will keep you quite busy, as well as fit.

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