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Luxury in Dalmatia: Rocky secluded beaches, timeless medieval towns

Along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, you will find the beautiful Dalmatian region. The rugged coastline is characterized by its rocky secluded beaches with some of the clearest waters in Europe. Explore the enticing coves, myriad of islands with ancient stone villages and inlets. The warm sea and beautiful wooded islands make this a popular part of Croatia. A leisurely visit to the timeless medieval towns, dotted along the coast, with their winding roads, marble fountains, monasteries and monuments from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras will transport you back in time. The delicious food, art and music that fill the theatres, galleries, streets and plazas make the atmosphere during the summer unforgettable. There are various ways to enjoy and travel through Dalmatia. Take an adventurous self-guided tour where you hire a hybrid, road or tandem bike.

Go on a boat safari or trek across the region and experience the culture first-hand. Hire a car and explore small roads and islands to your hearts delight.The Dinaric Alps mountain ranges cover most of the area. The winters get frosty and snowy in the mountains, and the summers are hot and dry. Along the coast, the climate is Mediterranean.The mountains are ideal for growing delicious olives and grapes and the farmers take advantage of this. Some of the towns you can visit include the photogenic Primosten, the historic Sibenik, the medieval gem Trogir, the sprawling port of Split and the sleek and chic Dubrovnik. Throughout the area, you will find different types of accommodation, ranging from hotels, resorts and stunning luxury villas in Dalmatia. Be transported to a beautiful slice of history when you visit this history-filled part of Croatia.

Croatia | Dalmatia:

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