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Luxury in Opatija area: One of the prettiest towns in the world

Opatjija is the town with the most beautiful palaces on the eastern coast of Istria. It is also one of the best known summer resorts on the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. The Lungo Mare, its 16 kilometres long promenade alongside the sea, is deemed as one of the prettiest in the world. The unique town radiates with quiet stylishness and lavish beauty. The luxury rental villas, surrounded by the healing sea and beautifully arranged parks, have perfectly combined the modern spirit and the benefits of a top tourist destination. Because of its special climate and temperature, Opatija and surrounding area are attractive, not only in the hot summer months, but in the winter as well. It is rich in cultural and entertainment events, exceptional culinary delicacies and in superb wellness and beauty treatments that make it the ideal destination for relaxing summer holidays. Each visitor to the beautiful Opatija, with its breath-taking coast, carries its timeless beauty in his heart - forever.

The beauty of Opatija is due to huge investments which happened at the end of the 19th century. The foundations of this city lie with St. Jacob's abbey, which soon evolved into Opatija, which means 'abbey'. St. Jacob, the patron saint of travellers, tanners and fruit-growers, is celebrated every year on July 25th, which is also commemorated in the town as the Day of the City of Opatija. The city plays host too many festivals, like the festival of coffee, the flower festival, and various music festivals. Beautiful parks, postcard pretty promenades, fine hotels and private villas for rent are all a result of the cultivated 'high society' that occupied this town for over a hundred years. Today's residents are descendants of the Liburni, whom were present in this region from the 9th century BC. They were known as skilled navigators and builders of fast ships. Opatija has officially been declared the finest resort on the Adriatic Sea.

  • Boating
  • Cultural visits
  • Fishing
  • Paragliding
  • Walking


There are many interesting monuments, like the church of St. Jacob or the church of the Annunciation. One of the most known symbols of the city of Opatija is the statue of the Maid with the sea gull. Opatija offers a great deal of exhibits, galleries and other cultural and artistic events; one of the most interesting events is the chocolate fair. The parks contain about three hundred species of trees and plants which are legally protected as horticultural monuments. This is also the right place for those who enjoy nightlife and love to dance in the nightclubs.

Opatija and the nearby Ika and I?i?i offer many sport possibilities on the beach. If you love to play beach volleyball or row a boat, this is the right place for you. You could also take a 12km hike from I?i?i to Lovran. The promenade is a very interesting place to stroll if you have plenty of time. Take swimming gear with you if you are planning a leisurely walk, there are many swimming spots. The promenade has an easy walking path, where you see many subtropical plants and flowers in bloom.

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