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Luxury in Umag area: The Med as it used to be

Umag, along the northern Adriatic coast of Istria, allures annual visitors with its unmatched charm, richness in diversity of culture and people, as well as a variety of sport, art and entertainment opportunities. Its splendid coastal and hinterland sea-, and landscapes make it the ideal summer getaway choice for those who remember the “The Med-as-it-used- to-be". Umag offers a truly magnificent off the beaten track holiday. Not only does the magnificent natural surrounding draw flocks of tourists throughout the year, but ancient architectural structures, combined with modern amenities, like our luxury villas, tip the scales in favour of an Umag holiday. Endless fun and entertainment possibilities, for example, gambling at the local Elite casino, among other delights, await the Umag summer visitors. Seasonal festivals and carnivals draw enthusiastic crowds all year long. Hinterland excursions open up magnificent scenery, interesting ancient fortifications and unparallelled sunset vistas across the amazing Adriatic. Seafood restaurants abound, as well as genuine local Istrian cuisine and sumptuous Mediterranean culinary delights.

The beautiful Adriatic coastal town Umag lies on the gateway to Istria, bordering Slovenia. This Istrian haven is widely considered to be the most established summer holiday destination of the region, due to unmatched coastal beauty and holiday amenities. Umag’s history is blended with that of the Roman Empire, Turkish Byzantine era, rulers of Venice, France, Austria, Yuogslavia and Croatia. Agricultural products like wine and olives abound and Istrian specialities of meat, fish and local foodstuffs are a great attraction. Gastronomic events are hosted throughout summer, as well as festivities and craft exhibitions. The historical architecture of town walls, monuments, typical houses in the compact ‘old town’, the Church of Saint Roche, and an ancient coastal lighthouse at Savidrya, are popular amongst photograhers. More design and contemporary art can be seen at Art Gallery Marin in Umag centre. The Umag Town Hall exhibits local arts, pottery and crafts. Travelling to Istria from Europe can be done by flying to nearby Pula and catching a bus, or relying on ferries from Slovenia and Triest, or fast hovercraft from Venice.

  • Boating
  • Cultural visits
  • Walking
  • Kitesurfing
  • Touring


Tourists and photographers love to visit places of historical and architectural value as well as the old lighthouse along the Riviera. Gastronomic events, summer festivities and carnivals, art and craft exhibitions, as well as the Elite casino are popular attractions. Small chartered ferries might depart there in summer for return day trips to nearby Isola and Piran, in the adjacent, neigbouring Slovenia.

Due to Umag’s manificent 20 km coastal location and lush hilly interior, the active visitor will be at loss for choice. Swimming , diving and boating in the crystal clear Adriatic is irresistable and can be done from May to October, due to the mild weather. Coves and small caves abound. Beach shops provide swimming gear and watersport rentals for tourists. Boat trips can be arranged and hovercrafts venture as far as Venice. Bikes, and quads are available for biking adventures in the magnificent interior surroundings. The ATP is Croatia’s open court tennis tournament in July, at the Stella Maris venue, and is Umag’s main summer sporting event.

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