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Luxury in Bordeaux area: Pleasant climate and culinary treasures

Lying in the south western corner of France, Bordeaux area is a region famed for its wine, its beaches and its countryside. Aquitaine, the bigger region, is really valued by visitors for its superlative forests, parks, lakes and for its famed seaside resorts. Arcachon Bay provides waves for surf-lovers and outstretched sandy beaches for the others. The Aquitaine region is a major centre of communication which offers lots of transport facilities to the rest of France Europe. The Aquitaine region is well-known for its pleasant climate throughout the year and especially for its warm weather during the summer months. Bordeaux area benefits from more than 2000 sunshine hours a year; in this respect the climate is similar to the climate of the Mediterranean Midi regions to the east. The Aquitaine part of France holds culinary treasures, surprising both your eyes and palate! This includes regional products like the Bayonne ham or Perigord truffles, and mouth-watering dishes like Foie Gras and Duck Confit. The traditional gastronomy is particularly appreciated for its combination of French fine produce and recipes of yesteryear.

The exclusive strip of land that stretches from Bordeaux down to the craggy and beautiful mountains of the northern Pyrenees and the Basque Country provides ample activities for those who rent a private luxury villa. You can engage yourself in everything ocean and land have to offer, from surfing, body boarding and swimming to simply tasting the mouth-watering seafood that is served in restaurants all along the coast. Upcountry you can spend your days fishing, playing tennis, cycling or exploring the valleys and forests. Visit the largest sand dune in Europe, Dune du Pilat, which runs south of the Bassin d'Arcachon for almost 3.5 km and stands at a lofty 100 metres. Resting on this amazing 20 million cubic metre bar of sand you'll enjoy superb views of Arcachon Bay. Enjoy the sights and sounds of some of Europe's rarest birds in the bird sanctuary at Le Teich. For many people, riding around on a bicycle is as French as Satre or Napolean – and the Souillac Cycleway is a wonderful area of typically French countryside in which to experience it yourself.

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