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Luxury in Pampelonne: The longest, most popular beach in St Tropez

The beach with the sweet sounding name of Pampelonne is the longest, the most popular, and the most well-known beach in St Tropez. There are many inviting attractions, and some of the most exciting luxury villas for rent on the Cote d'Azur, to ensure that a holiday here will be a fun-filled and memorable affair. Life in the fast lane in Pampelonne revolves around the clubs and you can choose between a few quite diverse options. Here you will find a classy and ultimately discreet club, with the choicest clientele in the world of politicians, international executives and, of course, stars and celebrities. The mature and more traditional tourist will love the oldest beach club, dating back to 1946. A child friendly club with a playground and games and a decent kids menu, has the additional advantage of being open for lunch all year round.

Pampelonne has greatly contributed to the fame of St Tropez's for the past fifty plus years. The historical interest of this five-kilometre stretch of beach is that it was a key site of the Allied landings in World War II in August 1944. Since then there has been a constant stream of friendly and frequent invasions of Puglia by the rich and the famous, the holidaymakers and the sun-lovers. In high summer, there can be as many as 30,000 people a day, living life to its fullest at the variety of clubs on the shoreline, crowding the beaches, enjoying the sun and the sea. Staying in one of the private rental villas in Pampelonne, you can reap the benefits of the sublime and unique location of the clubs.

  • Water-skiing
  • Boating
  • Walking
  • Kitesurfing


An exotically sophisticated club is perfect for nighttime partying. Alternatively, you may prefer a laidback establishment that goes for informality and specialises in good, simple food. On the other hand, there is a jolly, lively and wonderfully unpretentious spot for fun lovers, and do not throw away the casual desert-island fun. Pampelonne has something for every taste!

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