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Leo Trippi's private villas for rent in Motu Teta Private Island for your luxury holiday

Luxury in Motu Teta Private Island: True retreat - your own tropical island

Enjoy a remote tropical holiday on this island that is part of a paradise known for its black pearls, myriads of beautiful tropical beaches and coral reefs filled with tranquil silence. Private Island Motu Teta is part of the series of islands and atolls (Tuamotus) in French Polynesia located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A seaside villa on this private island is an excellent holiday site for all those wanting to get away from modern society for a while. The vast, unspoiled marine area around this island offers unequalled possibilities to get acquainted with the marine life. For non-divers there are fantastic lagoon trips on surrounding islands. Motu Teta is a remote place that can be accessed by boat. Rangiroa and Manihi can be reached by flying to Tuamotu Islands from French Polynesia's main air traffic centre, Tahiti. Bicycles are a popular option for moving around, water taxis can be used to visit other islands; the weather is warm, pleasant and friendly.

Motu Teta is an island that is a small part of the largest chain of atolls in the world. The islands were originally established by Polynesians who shared common values, culture and language. Life in the atolls is in equal parts tough and sheer bliss: hardly any vegetation grows here, so there is little fruit and vegetables, and the only drinking water is rain water. Yet the silence, starlit skies, coral beaches, azure lagoons, idyllic coral islets and unhurried pace of life fascinate everyone who goes there. Average monthly high temperatures on this tropical island rise to 30 degrees. The summer months are generally wetter, so it is advisable to travel during the dry season from May to October. Motu Teta, as part of the Rangiroa atoll gives you access to a beautiful inland lagoon with astonishing coral reefs, lovely sandy beaches and marvellous luxury villas for rent. French is better understood here than English, but staff members in the tourist industry, usually speak English as well.

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Sunbathing and relaxing on the superb white beaches, far away from the chaos and the noise and the mad rush in the world, is balm for the soul. Daily lagoon trips are offered. Feeding sharks is an interesting and extraordinary activity. Eating out will be a memorable culinary experience. If buying a black pearl or two is on your to do list, your private island holiday is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Sailing and sea kayaking are wonderful ways to enjoy your days while on holiday in your private villa for rent on Motu Teta. Water sports such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, swimming and kayaking can be supplemented with hiking, horse riding and biking.

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