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Luxury in Santorini: Sunset champagne

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the island is little more than a barren rock, and you’d be right. Santorini was created way back in 1600 BC by a volcanic explosion that blew apart half the island and wiped out Europe’s first civilisation, the Minoans. Today, Santorini is the world’s only inhabited caldera with beautiful, bustling, white villages packed tightly above the 260 metre volcano walls. One look and you can understand why many people claim it to be the lost island of Atlantis. If you like picture perfect whitewashed Greek villages overlooking turquoise seas and some of the world’ most stunning sunset views, then look no further than the Greek island of Santorini. Houses literally hanging from the cliffs, restaurants serving fresh fish and local specialties in wonderful settings, bars that serve champagne while watching the sunset - all make Santorini an idyllic island, which offers relaxation, but also lots of activities and a lively nightlife. Visit one of our charming luxury villas for rent and enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday on an island of unique beauty in the Aegean Sea.

Maybe the words 'extremely beautiful, cosmopolitan, seductive', describe the magic of Santorini the best. This Greek gem is definitely one of the Mediterranean's most chic islands and as Santorini travel guides will tell you, is this a place that entices visitors back year after year. Remember all those famous postcards of blindingly white Greek churches overlooking the sea? Well, they were taken here! Santorini is a dream destination for the tourist taking holiday photos with a cell phone, as well as for the professional photographer. Hundreds of people may be hoping to make their arrival at Santorini even more memorable and “romantic” by taking what they believe will be a “traditional” donkey ride up the long path to the town of Fira, the island’s capital, which is perched atop the caldera cliffs hundreds of feet above the sea. Here is a simple word of advice if you are thinking about doing the same thing: don't. Though the donkeys might look “cute,” and the rides might appear to be a harmless and fun tourist attraction, travelers who use the mules as transportation actually contribute to animal abuse.

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Beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient cities, fantastic restaurants and guided tours. Escape the midday heat with a wander around the Megaro Gyzi Museum in the cultural centre of the same name, located opposite Fira's Roman Catholic cathedral. On display are fascinating old photos of the island before and after the big earthquake of 1956, plus some colourful displays of local art and traditional island costume.

The turquoise blue waters of Kamari bay are ideal for all kinds of water sports. The beach is popular with tourists who are looking for a bit of adventure. The FBI Water Sports offers a wide range of water sports activities, including water skiing, wakeboard, kneeboard, banana boat rides and kite board. Surfing and diving can also be done. If you consider renting a luxury villa on Santorini, you need not think twice: it will be an unforgettable experience!

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