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Luxury in Dodecanese: Crystal clear water and medieval architecture

In the sunniest part of Greece, the pebbled beaches and private villas of the Dodecanese welcome you to your dream holiday destination. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters on hot summer days or wander through enchanting medieval towns that have been preserved for centuries. With a combination of grand palaces, perfect beaches and gorgeous valleys, the variety of activities and sites these islands offer make them a favourite getaway for visitors from all over the world. In Rhodes you will find the wall with seven gates and the breath-taking Palace of the Grand Master where you will feel as if you are stepping into a fairy-tale castle with high towers, hidden doors and secret treasures. The city also has a variety of ancient artefacts on display at the Archaeological Museum. With so much to see this Museum is definitely worth more than one visit during your holiday in a luxury villa for rent.

Interesting buildings such as the National Theatre, the City Hall and the Courts with marble floors and hand-painted archways can be seen near the ancient harbour of Mandráki and the region also has an exciting line-up for nature lovers. Rodíni Park is known for its lush green valley that is home to beautiful peacocks and colourful butterflies. Wander in the deep green gardens while listening to bird song and the relaxing sound of running water streams. Lose track of time in the tree lined streets of Kos, a cosmopolitan island with bicycle routes, famous squares and the magnificent Neratanzía Castle. Peaceful beaches and medieval architecture will leave visitors relaxed and inspired in Rhodes and Kos but for a shot of adrenaline the best place to visit is Karpathos, for rock climbing, and Leros for diving. With so much to see and do it is no wonder that the luxury villas of Dodecanese are favourites among all travellers.

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