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Luxury in Patmos: Small island, great holiday destination

Although Patmos is not a big island, it is one of the best known Greek Islands, off the coast of Turkey. Many people enjoy just strolling around, becoming part of this tranquil lifestyle. The great monastery in the Patmos town of Hora is worthwhile to visit and Skola has many arty boutiques, offering souvenirs of various kinds. The St. John's monastery will not be so crowded early in the morning from 08h00, or just before closing time, which is at 18h00. It is a labyrinth of whitewashed passages and narrow staircases. There are dramatic views to be found when you go north to Hora's Platía Lotza. Patmos is surely worth a visit if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of overcrowded cities and completely relax in a tranquil luxury villa in Greece. Your first glance at the beautiful ocean, sometimes sea green, sometimes shining blue, will let you start relaxing immediately.

Patmos is in the Aegean Sea. It is the place where St. John, the Theologian, had a vision and received his revelation in the Cave of the Apocalypse. The Bible is the worlds' best-selling book. All reading enthusiasts know of the Book of Revelations, but not everyone is aware that it was written on Patmos. The monastery of St. John really overwhelms you and this is of course a main tourist attraction. Patmos has no airport, but holidaymakers fly to Kos and travel further from there by catamaran or evening ferry. On the island, you can travel by bus or hire a scooter where the bus cannot take you. In spite of Patmos being a renowned tourist destination, accommodation was not upmarket, but things have changed a lot lately, offering charming choices of private rental villas where you can spend your summer holiday in luxury, tranquillity and peace.

  • Boating
  • Cultural visits
  • Fishing
  • Fine dining

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Visit Patmos to slow down and experience blessed tranquillity. However, there are funky souvenir boutiques for keen shoppers. Cultural tourism, to churches and monasteries, is highly recommended and the island has special meaning for Christian history. Daytrips by boat can also be made to nearby islets Lipsi, Arki and Marathi, to experience the natural beauty and the long sandy beaches. In the countryside, you will find wonderful Patmian restaurants at the beaches, serving tasteful traditional food. Wine has been a speciality since ancient times and a sip of ouzo is a must!

Being on an island paradise, water sport activities are practised with enthusiasm. Swimming, fishing, diving and different kinds of water sports can keep the energetic occupied for quite some time. Stroll around leisurely to enjoy the best of the scenery and the sand and the town.

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