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South of Syvota lies the wonderful ecological park of Acheron River Valley, which has remained unaffected for several centuries. Ancient legends state that Achilles's mother dunked her son in this ice-cold river to make him immortal. Horse-riding and rafting trips are available, with trails leading from the picturesque village of Gliki to the marshes of Potamia. A short drive along the coast takes you to the lively resort of Parga, where a Venetian castle overlooks an extensive bay and picturesque harbour. Package holidays to Syvota also recommend possibilities for island hopping, with boat trips available to Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos. In addition to the wonderful tree-rich landscape, nature lovers can also visit some of the wildlife in the area. The Wetlands is a conservation site, where you will see water buffaloes and several species of birds. Like most of Greece, Syvota offers simple local foods, including good quality fresh fish and slow-cooked meats. You will be spoilt with many colourful canopied cafes, delightful tavernas right on the waterfront, and luxurious seaside villas for rent.

The serene fishing village of Syvota in the Epirus-region, is sheltered by the craggy mountain ranges of northwest Greece. A veiled gemstone, a precious pearl, a picturesque haven - whatever you want to call it, the scenery leaves you stunned. You will find rocky bays and hills covered by olive trees, in contrast with the whitewashed village centre, colourful fishing boats and exclusive luxury yachts gliding on azure waters. Among the best beaches are the Sivota Town Beach, Zavia and Mega Ammos. Syvota Town Beach is a stretch of coastline that has beautiful white sand and popular with tourists because of its traditional bar and taverna. Zavia is a small beach with a bay that offers a peaceful getaway from everyday life. Aktion airport in Preveza is 21 miles from Syvota and there are regular flights. If you have enough time, you can even travel by car, train, ferry or bus. Summer holidays in Sivota are best enjoyed renting a luxury villa, maybe even a seaside villa, and spending your days soaking up the sun on the beach, with temperatures going up to 29┬░.

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For tourists interested in ancient history and culture, the oracle of Necromandio is worth a visit. The Greeks believe that this is the entrance site to Hades, king of the underworld. Then there is also the site of Nikopolis, a large archaeological setting, to be visited. Wildlife thrives in the wild countryside, with storks flying over the pristine beaches and building their nests on cliff edges. An underwater sand bar links Syvota to the tiny islet known as Goat Island, where goats roam freely. The sea level remains below knee height, so why not pack a picnic and enjoy a day of one of the island's desolated beaches. There are often events taking place in and around Syvota, including music festivals and art exhibitions.

The waters around the coast are beautifully clear, making it the ideal location for water sports, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. A very popular activity for people visiting Syvota is water-skiing, while dominant winds also make windsurfing popular at many of Syvota's larger beaches like Mega Ammos. Mountain biking stays a main attraction, while road biking and tennis are very popular as well.

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