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Luxury in Kefalonia: Stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage

Kefalonia is located on the west coast of Greece, and is the largest of the Ionian Islands. Its splendid natural beauty, mild climate, stunning beaches, diverse geological features, rich cultural heritage, remote monasteries, fantastic caves and friendly people, all make Kefalonia one of the most sought after destinations. On the island, you can hire a car or bicycle to do some sightseeing, or just wander around on foot. For comfortable summer holiday accommodation, do try one of the luxury Greek villas for rent in Kefalonia, where you can go to sleep with the sound of lapping waves in your ears. There is also a good reason that Lassi has become Kefalonia's biggest holiday spot. It's got excellent sandy beaches and a main street packed with bars and restaurants, plus it's just a 20-minute hop from the airport. All the excursions stop here, making it a first-rate base from which to explore the island. And you're just 3 kilometres from the island capital, Argostoli.

The cuisine is rich with Mediterranean flavours. So, be sure to try these at some of the many restaurants or tavernas, from traditional to modern. Meat pies are what Kefalonia does best. The pies are made from a crumbly, thick-crusted pastry case, which is filled to bursting with tender meat, rice and vegetables. The meat varies depending on where you go, but lamb, beef and pork are the best options. Afterwards, relax in one of the island's many cafes or clubs or bars. This is the place where the movie 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' was filmed. Take one look at the place and you'll see why its scenery was deserving of the big screen. Tree-studded hills stand guard over sprawling vineyards, and honey-hued sands are kissed by turquoise waters. Kefalonia is about 900sqm, with a coastline of 240km. On this secluded Ionian island, mostly untouched by mass tourism, you can experience the simple way of life of the ancient Greeks mixed with a bit of modern Europe.

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Wherever you stay, the island's main attractions are within day-tripping distance. Don't miss Myrtos Bay, a spectacular chalk-white beach which Captain Corelli's directors couldn’t resist slotting into the movie. Pay a visit to the age-old chambers at the Drogorati Caves. If you are lucky, you can observe the religious feast of Saint Gerasimos who is the patron saint of the island. Up in the hills behind the new town are the ruins of the old village, plus there are Roman ruins nearby. Kefalonia is famous for its Robola wine – a light, dry, white variety with a fruity flavour and a crisp, lemony aftertaste. Pair it with a meaty tuna fillet or a swordfish steak to bring out the flavour of the fish. There are restaurants, tavernas and cafés along the main street, leading up to a long sandy beach.

For those with lots of energy, you can try sea kayaking, scuba diving, fishing or swimming. And for those with a thrill-seeking twist, there are various 4 x 4 adventures to embark on!

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