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Latina in the Lazio region; both the province and the city of Latina, is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Italy. Although the smallest province in Lazio, Latina is rich in astounding geographical and historical areas. The province of Latina is becoming one of the most remarkable tourist destinations because of various advantages such as the beautiful unscathed natural environment and historical traces of the Middle Ages including the Fossanova Abbey. The abbey dates from the period between 1187 and 1208 and is widely known as the last resort of Thomas Aquinas. Located 62 km south of Rome, the municipality of Latina borders Aprilia, Cisterna di Latina, Nettuno, Pontinia, Sabaudia, Sermoneta and Sezze. The most popular area in the province of Latina is the Pontine Marshes, or the Pontinian Plain. The dried plain spreads southwards from Aprilia to Terracina, along the Tyrrhenian Sea. The most famous military road of the Roman Empire, the famed Appian Way constructed in 312 BC, crosses the inland side of the prior marsh in a lengthy, straight stretch bordered by trees. Rent a luxury villa and make memories that will last forever.

The province consists of mountains, plains and rivers and protected natural areas are an important part of the province, with the Urban Park of Monte Orlando in Gaeta, the Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains, and the Suburban Park of Gianola. Circeo National Park covers around 8,500 hectares, includes diverse topographical features and is home to many animal species, mostly birds. Roman archaeological remains of great value can be seen in several towns including Ninfa with its memorable historic garden. Many old-fashioned folkloric festivals take place in every town of the Province. Among them, Cori hosts the Tournament of the City Wards and Norma holds the Roasted Chestnut Festival. The local gastronomy is tied to the products of this highly-agricultural province, as well as to those of the sea. The sausages from Monte San Biagio are excellent and prepared using the best part of the pig, spiced with coriander and preserved in oil. The Province's D.O.C. wines include the Aprilia Trebbiano and Circeo Trebbiano, a selection of white, red and rosé wines.

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