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Luxury in Le Marche: Rich in culture and scenery

In Italy's central region, you will be treated to the beauty that is Le Marche. You will come back again and again once you have have spent a week in a luxury rental villa in Le Marche. Learn more about the region's past when you visit Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche in Ancona. The 16th century Palazzo Ferretti is home to a large collection of treasures from times gone by and has gorgeous frescoed ceilings, bas-reliefs and interesting architectural features. Be inspired by the Renaissance when you take a trip to Palazzo Ducale and Museo della Ceramica. Winding staircases, gorgeous paintings and circular towers will leave you feeling like you have stepped back in time. To get the adrenalin pumping be sure to visit Grotte di Frasassi. Here you will find one of the biggest cave systems in Europe and get to crawl through tunnels and caves that are home to amazing rock formations. Art-deco cafes lining the streets are perfect to enjoy a cocktail.

From under the ground to high in the sky, Le Marche offers a wide variety of adventures. Learn to hang-glide in Castellucio and see the magnificence of the region from a bird's eye view. If you want to witness a magical festival of Italian culture be sure to mark Quintana on your calendar. Locals dressed in medieval attire will entertain with sword fighting, flag-waving and a variety of dances during July and August that are not to be missed. For a wonder that is even more traditional, there is also the Rossini Opera festival in August. Here Rossini's famous productions can be enjoyed daily at the Teatro Rossini and Adratic Arena. Shop for deliciously Italian treats at the Tigre market in Ascoli and discover Spanish, French and English literary gems at Feltrinelli in Ancona. With so much to see, do, taste and experience, book your private villa in Le Marche today and you will be guaranteed a memorable holiday!

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