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Luxury in Brindisi: Beautiful gateway to the East

The city of Brindisi is a major harbour for business with Greece and the Middle East and it has a dynamic industry in agriculture, chemical and energy production. The Swabian Castle is a site for most important cultural events. Some of the marvels not to be missed, are the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, with its finely decorated marble entrance, and the Colonna Romana, once flanked by a mirror image that today is part of the structure of the famous Colonna di Sant Oronzo in Lecce. Brindisi has been known as the Gateway to the East since earliest times, when it became an important haven, first for the Roman troops, and later for the merchants of Venice. This seaport in Puglia even today provides important travel connections to and from a long list of sea and airports. Appealing holiday destinations, along with one of the major ecological areas of the region and an important spa, attract tourism to Brindisi's coastal belt, with many important remnants left from times long ago. Continuing the journey inland, Cisternino is the capital of the Itria Valley, where white houses, narrow lanes, squares and staircases, arches and balconies, decorated with colourful flowers, create this architectural charm. Historic Medieval and Renaissance buildings make walking through the streets of the old town a unique experience before relaxing in your luxury rental villa.

Brindisi, located on the Adriatic coast, lies between two deep coves connected to the open sea by a narrow, deep channel, overlooked by the Castello Rosso (Red Castle), named for the particular colour of the stone that was used to build it. Brindisi is a city in the Puglia region of Italy, the capital of the province of Brindisi, off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful bright sandy beaches are spread along the coast, bordered by the blue water of the Adriatic Sea; colourful areas of the Mediterranean bush and the plant life of the deep sea, contrast with sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky shores. To the north of Ostuni lies one of the most interesting natural areas in the region: the WWF Oasis of Torre Guaceto. The seawater rushes in toward the cliffs with its bush, dunes and stretches of reed beds. This territory serves as an ideal environment for snipes, wild ducks, nightingales and amphibian species, as well as for sea plant species, including fields of Neptune Grass, sea fans and coral. Historically, the city has played an important role in commerce and culture, as result of its position on the Italian Peninsula and its natural seaport on the Adriatic Sea. A free minibus connects the train station and old ferry terminal with Costa Morena, the new port. Brindisi is on the main Trenitalia train line and trains run regularly to Bari, Lecce and Taranto.

  • Cultural visits
  • Fine dining
  • Walking


Visiting museums and galleries, churches, landmarks and monuments, architectural sites in historic quarters can be most interesting if you like history. Shopping and browsing around in the shops can be lots of fun as well. Italian food and wine tasting will appeal to those of you who are interested in the culinary secrets of the Italians.

If you leave your comfortable private villa in Brundisi, you may feel like some exercise, and many options are available: hiking or cycling to enjoy the town and the scenery; tennis and squash if you feel like hitting a ball; weight training for the serious athletes; swimming and sailing for holiday water sport fun.

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