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Luxury in Sardinia: Postcard scenes everywhere...

The island of Sardinia, in the middle of the Mediterranean, attracts visitors from all over the globe with its forested mountain peaks, it's beautiful marshes and wild horses. The atmosphere is tranquil as you pass the citrus groves and grazing cattle to visit historical towns, marvel at temples and see the strange menhirs that frame the horizon. Porto Cervo is a typically glamorous Italian village where visitors can stroll on the marina or try on designer clothing, made from local fabrics, in the boutiques that line the streets. For soaking up the sun on a golden beach, you have to visit Costa Smeralda. Here you can surf, rent a sun chair or watch the colourful birds that inhabit the island.

After a day of water sports indulge your taste buds with a plate of hearty pasta dusted with pecorino or smoked ricotta cheese. In spring there's a beautiful postcard scene waiting around every corner when wild flowers start to bloom. Autumn months are pleasantly warm and provide a great getaway for those who want lazy days in the sun instead of frosty winds and cloudy skies at home. A hidden gem of Sardinia is definitely the Cala di Volpe. It's picture perfect porticos, arches and steps were designed in the style of an old fishing village and give visitors a glimpse into the region's interesting past. Let this vibrant island inspire and delight you with its culture, cuisine and natural wonders.

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