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Leo Trippi's private villas for rent in Sicily for your luxury holiday

Luxury in Sicily: Picturesque island in the central Mediterranean Sea

A luxury villa for rent in Sicily gives you the opportunity to choose between the silence of Pelagies, the stunning sea of Egadis or the jet set lifestyle in the Eolian Islands. Tourism is booming and the island is undergoing a transformation into a more modern and well-structured tourist destination. The tourist season of course peaks in summer but people love to rent a luxury villa in Sicily all year round, because here superb scenery and culture match to create the magical ambience of the old country of Italy. Every town and city has its own patron saint and there are colourful processions on feast days. Story telling is a very important and popular pass- time on the island and an integral part of the culture. In Sicily there is a little bit of something for everyone, and the food ...well, that is a story all on its own!

Sicily is close to Africa, and the mixture of cultures here includes traces of the original and ancient societies that have occupied the island over the centuries - Greek, Arab, Roman and Norman. It is a rough, but picturesque island located in the central Mediterranean Sea, on the southern tip of Italy, and one of the country's 20 regions. It is separated from the mainland region of Calabria by the 3 mile long Straights of Messina. Sicily's climate is typical Mediterranean climate with wet and mild winters and dry, hot summers. The island of Sicily has a more or less triangular shape and the coastlines, both north and south, are each about 170 miles long when measured in a straight line. The eastern coastline is about 110 miles of scenic beauty.

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