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Known for its romance and culture, Venice is the perfect region for your next Italian summer holiday. Drift past colourful storybook buildings on a gondola in the waterways winding through this city. Hop off to take pictures of one of the many beautiful marble churches or try on some glittery handmade masks. Shop for souvenirs in the quaint little boutiques or buy paintings on the sidewalk. Let the violins of street musicians guide you as you explore one of Europe's favourite regions. With over 118 small islands, this region has more than enough to explore and is guaranteed to inspire all who visit it. The sub-tropical climate also makes this a great region to visit all year round. Treat yourself to some deliciously fresh seafood on a bed of polenta and enjoy shortbread and espresso for desert. Things that cannot be missed include the Basilica di San Marco with its beautiful golden mosaics, the pink checked palace of Ducale and the opera at Teatro La Fenice where Monteverdi's music will enchant you.

Your adventure options in the Venice region are endless! Explore the amazing shipyard at Arsenale that was founded in 1104 or take a day trip to Italy's Dolomite Mountains. A trip to Galerie dell'Accademia is not only fascinating but will send chills down your spine when you see artworks depicting unsolved murders, forbidden passions and dramatic beliefs. If you love exploring palaces, then Venice will make you feel like a royal. Visit the romantic Palazetto Bru Zane for a night concert or simply to see the marvellous ceiling-artworks and sip fine collectors wines at I Rusteghi. For coffee addicts a visit to Torrefazione Marchi is a must. Here coffee bins have drawn crowds in with aromatic flavours since 1930 and it is impossible to leave without sampling your favourite. Book yourself a private villa for rent or a luxury catered chalet, climb in a gondola and investigate the marvellous waterways of this metropole. Let Venice take you on an once-in-a- lifetime adventure filled with culture and excitement and luxury.

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