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Leo Trippi's private villas for rent in Vamizi Island for your luxury holiday

Luxury in Vamizi Island: A pearl in untouched waters

Vamizi Island is the ultimate private island for barefoot luxury; ringed by white coral beaches and surrounded by the dazzling azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The island's beaches have some of the best sand in the world: so fine it squeaks like icing sugar as you walk on it, so pale and clean that kicking off your shoes is second nature. It's as if the beach is sifted every morning - the only litter you are likely to see is shells and coral. What makes it all the more amazing is that you can stay in seclusion in a luxury rental villa and that you will hardly need to share the shores with anyone - apart maybe with a few other guests and some lazy and friendly turtles. You can beach-comb for untouched miles or lounge about in total privacy. Furthermore, the tropical sea that gently laps the shores is a nature reserve and is as beautiful as you have ever seen it. So take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but your incredibly spoilt, sandy footprints. Out in the bush are some of the island's greatest treasures: the giant coconut crabs - vegetarian scavengers with a magpie-like attraction to anything from mobile phones to sandals - who crush coconuts in impressively strong claws; the samango monkeys’ close relatives of the blue monkey - and, incredibly for such a small island, 112 bird species have been recorded as either resident or visitors.

Lying in the Quirimbas Archipelago of Northern Mozambique, the island is twelve km long and one km wide - this whale-shaped curve of beach and bush is drenched in sunshine and breezes. Immersed in the Indian Ocean, Vamizi is easier to reach than you might think, considering how castaway it is - and with miles of deserted coastline and a tropical ocean to cross, it's all part of the adventure. You can connect from South Africa, Mozambique or Tanzania easily within a day, with direct international flights from Europe. We are happy to schedule your private flight from Pemba (Mozambique) or Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to the Vamizi Island airstrip. Whichever route you take, don't forget to watch out for whales and dolphins as you cross the turquoise Indian Ocean on your way. Rent a private villa on Vamizi Island, make unforgettable memories and enjoy the summer holiday of your life. Vamizi is an award winning destination - here are a few awards which have been dedicated to this unique private island: Conde Nast Traveller -Best Healthy Hideaway 2014; Tatler Travel Guide - Top Private Island 2012; Conde Nast Readers' Travel Awards 2012, Places to stay in Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands; Good Safari Guide 2010 & 2011 Award - Best African Beach Property.

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The natural focal point of the island is the bar and restaurant where guests can meet others if the need arises. Vamizi Island is one big spa, offering nurturing treatments for mind, body and soul. Massages, yoga, beauty therapies – try them all and just relax. Mouth-watering food, fresh from the sea, is prepared into a sumptuous array of traditional Mozambique dishes. So do try it out. Vamizi is an ideal honeymoon destination and romantic castaway picnics in deserted locations around the island is the ultimate desert island experience- in spoiling luxury of course.

Activities at the crescent shaped Vamizi Island include scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and sailing in a traditional dhow. Snorkelling is a most popular sporting activity; it can be done straight off the shore or from a boat.

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