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Luxury in Spain: Flamenco guitar, Guggenheim and beautiful villages

Follow the sound of the Flamenco guitar down streets lined with cafes to the some of the most beautiful villages in Europe. Visit the lovely courtyards and fountains at the palace of La Alhambra in Granada or see Toledo's medieval buildings and cobblestoned streets southwest of Madrid. Antonio Gaudi's unfinished cathedral in Barcelona attracts visitors from all over and the architecture of the 'hanging houses' in Cuenca are sure to surprise you. In Bilbao the Guggenheim is a world famous museum that is not only home to some well-known works of art but a work of art in itself with its fascinating curves designed by Frank Gehry. Spain has many festivals where fireworks, costumes, pageants and dancing are the order of the day. Seville's Feria de Abril is not to be missed as beautiful flamenco dancers and parades fill the streets and for party animals there is the Carnival - a festival of dancing, drinking and dressing up. Local markets sell tasty fresh produce.

For those who love the outdoors Spain has plenty to see and do. There is a variety of mountain ranges and valleys for hiking, cycling and rock climbing. Sample rich red wine in La Roija or sherry in Andalusia. Spain also has beautiful beaches and bays for ocean lovers and sunbathers staying in the luxury rental villas along the Spanish coast. After an active morning spent on the sand, indulge in the Spanish siesta, a midday lunch of delicious homemade dishes, and nap when most businesses close until late afternoon. To see amazing architecture, learn more about ancient history and see masterpieces by Goya, Picasso and Dali a visit to Spain is an absolute must. Taste delicious tapas and sip local wines on world famous beaches and picturesque islands like Ibiza and the Balearics. Let Spain sweep you up into its lively culture and leisurely way of life as you relax in a private rental villa in Spain on your next vacation.

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