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Leo Trippi's private villas for rent in Mallorca for your luxury holiday

Luxury in Mallorca: Land of the famous where not even the ocean is left unpainted

Together with coastal wonders and majestically shaped coves, no artist could ever capture this fine art of coastal living as well as the island itself. Mallorca is known to be one of the most famous natural environments found in the Mediterranean. If being centrally located between two massive bays is not convincing enough for you, then the nature reserve with its wide range of adventurous activities will surely tickle your fancy. The turquoise-hued waters with a dash of indigo allow a pleasant view of the bottom of the ocean while admiring the magical marble cliffs that seem to plummet into the sea. Just beyond this mass of beauty, the lands are decorated with breath-taking vineyards, local almonds, carobs and traditional olives. The adventurous soul will find a place for his feet with the range of hiking and cycling trails, exploring the wonders of this world for either a day or wandering from one village to the other.
While discovering Mallorca’s wonders you will come across Formentor: wondrous scenery, breath-taking sandy beaches and a five-star atmosphere. Just a little to the North you will find Pollenca. The town’s most renowned sights include Calvary, which can be reached by a 365-step stairway that leads up to the chapel.
When your first class experience at Palma's shopping district is finished, you might even find yourself running into a famous tennis player or movie star on your way back to your private luxury villa in Mallorca. It is up to you to go out and discover the magic of this magnificent island.

The esteemed capital of Mallorca, Palma was first founded as a Roman camp named “Palmaria”. During the fall of the Roman Empire, the city fell subject to vandal ransacking. At last the city was conquered by the Byzantines and colonised by the Moors. Finally, it was established by James I of Aragon and became the capital of the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands. The island turned out perfectly for the luxurious hearts, providing a perfect Mediterranean climate throughout the year. The island and its cities are easily accessible from the Palma de Mallorca Airport and also the Palma de Mallorca Metro system, the Mallorca rail network and the luxury bus system. With world renowned systems like these and others in place, there is only room left for relaxing as you will be thoroughly taken care of. If one would wish to enjoy Mallorca’s more secluded locations, renting a luxury villa is the perfect way to go. For the tourist that needs something for their taste buds, a glass of fine red wine with a deep oak taste is sure to do the trick. True Mallorca-style cuisine can be enjoyed at over 2,400 restaurants ranging from small bars to the most exquisite dining experience. The chefs are rumoured to have found inspiration not only by the new and innovative trends Mediterranean nouvelle cuisine has to offer, but also by their famous Mallorcan grandmothers.

  • Water-skiing
  • Horse-riding
  • Golf
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Touring

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You can pick and choose where you want to go to, whether it be up-market, down-market, unspoilt country or mountain side. This said, it has a bit for everyone. It is great walking and dining in Palma's streets where there is lots of life and often a lot of music.

Water sports, horse-riding, golf and boating are just some of the sporting activities to fill your active luxury holiday days!

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