<p>With numerous classic car rallies taking place this summer, St. Moritz tops the list for vintage car lovers.</p>
Photo: swiss image.ch/ Mattias Nutt

Motoring in St Moritz

With numerous classic car rallies taking place this summer, St. Moritz tops the list for vintage car lovers.

Published at: 6 Jul 2018
Last updated at: 9 Nov 2023

St. Moritz has a long-held automotive tradition dating back to 1929 when the region hosted the first International Automobile Week, just four years after the Canton of Grison ended its ban on cars driven over public roads. Today this tradition lives on in the form of a number of high-profile annual meets including the British Classic Car Meeting and Bernina Gran Turismo.

Serena Norton
Serena Norton
British Classic Car Meeting in St. MoritzPhoto: Andy Mettler/Engadin St Moritz Tourismus

British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz

Dating back to 1994, this sophisticated rendezvous of vintage cars from Great Britain is a highlight of the calendar for any British car enthusiast. Amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Engadin mountains, the array of British classics from Jaguars and Rolls-Royces to Bentleys and Austin-Healeys is a sight to behold. Traditionally the BCCM consists of two parts: a rally through the Engadin and a Concours d’Elegance in front of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the programme this year is extra special. From 5 - 8 July, numerous exciting events will be taking place alongside the traditional activities, including a “Swinging Sixties” welcome party and the “Horseshoe Challenge”, a hill climb along the world-famous St. Moritz Bob Run.

Red Maserati driving with mountain background in St MoritzPhoto: Massimilian o Rossetto/Engadin St Moritz Tourismus

Passione Engadina

Reserved for Italian classic cars that have been manufactured prior to 1981, the Passione Engadina is a classic car meeting first established in 2012. Now in its seventh year, the 2018 edition, taking place from 24-26 August, will be dedicated to the Maserati.

The weekend will feature a new course for the Julius Baer Rally, the St, Moritz Challenge Cup, the Concours d’Elegance and of course a public exhibition of the magnificent vehicles. Five categories of car compete on separate levels in the rally and there is also one overall winner. Participants will also be able to enjoy a buffet lunch at the Badrutt Palace Hotel as well as a Gala Dinner and DJ Night at the Kulm Hotel.

Bernina Gran Turismo in St MoritzPhoto: Bernina Gran Turismo

Bernina Gran Turismo

Founded by classic car enthusiasts from the Engadine region of Switzerland, Bernina Gran Turismo takes its inspiration from the original Bernina Mountain Race of 1929 which was run over a course of approximately 16.5 km.

These days the race is set over a 5.7 km stretch of tarmac between La Rosa and Hospizio Bernina. With over 50 curves winding up 459 vertical metres from 1,871m to 2,330m above sea level, this competitive mountain climb gives drivers of classic racing and sports cars, dating from pre and post World War times into the early 1980s, the perfect opportunity to test out the technical limits of their classic car. The dates for 2018 are 21- 23 September.

Classic car in centre of St Moritz with crowdPhoto: Engadin St Moritz


Not for the faint-hearted, The WinterRAID is a vintage car rally for daring drivers. The route winds its way from the legendary slope near Pontresina to Cortina d’Ampezzo and back again, taking in at least 25 epic Swiss and Italian mountain passes along the way. To add a sporting and competitive element, several regularity and navigations tests are to be completed.

Afterwards, a traditional cheese fondue and award presentation will be held, accompanied by ländler music. The winner of the WinterRAID is the driver with the lowest number of penalty points. The date for the 2019 WinterRAID is 16 - 19 January and will cover 1,080 km and 26,600 metres of altitude.