Роскошные горнолыжные шале с самообслуживанием

Откройте для себя роскошные шале и апартаменты с самообслуживанием, доступные для аренды

Арендуйте роскошное горнолыжное шале с самообслуживанием в Альпах

Изысканные шале с самообслуживанием популярны среди лыжников и сноубордистов; бронирование таких шале позволяет построить расписание обедов и ужинов в удобное для вас время. В целом, стоимость шикарного горнолыжного шале или апартаментов с самообслуживанием зачастую дешевле размещения с обслуживанием. Такой вариант больше подходит тем, кто хочет разместиться на одном из лучших курортов за меньшую стоимость, или кто планирует посещать местные кафе и рестораны курорта и его окрестностей.

Попробуйте традиционную кухню региона и почерпните вдохновение для своего собственного кулинарного замысла. Некоторые курорты имеют в своем активе даже рестораны, отмеченные звездами Мишлен, поэтому проживание в шале с самообслуживанием вовсе не значит, что вам нужно экономить на роскоши, когда дело касается еды. В нашей коллекции представлено большое разнообразие лучших изысканных горнолыжных шале с самообслуживанием на всех основных курортах Европы. Ищете ли вы семейное шале или уютные апартаменты для пары, мы предложим вам размещение на любой вкус.

Why rent a luxury self catered ski chalet?


Renting a self-catered chalet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best properties. Many of the finest luxury chalets, such as Chalet Elbrus in Zermatt, can be taken on a catered or self-catered basis. For a significantly reduced price, you still get to relax in the lap of luxury, whether that be in the hot tub, hammam or cinema room.


Renting a self-catered chalet affords you more privacy than a catered chalet. Whilst some people might enjoy having staff attend to their every need, others prefer to just spend time with their friends and family, cooking together or curling up beside the fireplace without being disturbed.

Opportunities to try different restaurants

Think of all the restaurants you miss out on sampling when renting a catered chalet. Zermatt alone has 17 restaurants featured in the 2021 Gault-Millau guide for Switzerland. In a self-catered chalet you can enjoy a different dining experience every single night. Even if you’re eating in it’s always fun to peruse the aisles of the local supermarket, checking out what local delicacies and artisan products are on offer and coming up with new local dishes to cook as well as old favourites.

As the self-catered chalets and apartments in our portfolio do not offer a dedicated catering service, proximity to the village or town centre is essential for you to explore the local cuisine. However, many of our self catered luxury ski chalets do offer a pre-arrival food service which allows you to have your fridge and cupboard stocked with your favourite food on arrival.

Best ski resorts for luxury self catered chalets 

Whilst most of our luxury ski resorts do have self catered chalets available there are some resorts that are more suited to a luxury self catered ski holiday with an abundance of high quality cuisine on offer and a great proximity to the local town or village. 

Best resorts for self catered chalets in Switzerland

There are many well-located self catered chalets in Zermatt and Verbier which offer an excellent base to explore the local town and experience some of the best restaurants in the alps. Famous for its mountain restaurants, Zermatt is ‘the’ culinary hotspot of the Swiss Alps. The options cover everything from traditional Swiss cuisine to the latest in fine dining and innovation. With so many options it can be hard to decide where to go.

Best resorts for self catered chalets in France

Among the top resorts for self catered ski chalets in France are Megeve, Meribel and Val d’isere. Val d'Isere has a vast number of eateries to choose from, including two Michelin-star restaurants. However, it is the après-ski that the resort is renowned for with the famous Folie Douce kicking off the action on the slopes. After dinner, there is plenty of late-night action to discover. To help you narrow down the options take a look at our guide to the best bars and restaurants in Val d'Isere.

Best resorts for self catered chalets in Italy

The best luxury self-catered chalets in Italy can be found in the resorts of Alta Badia and Cortina. Alta Badia combines traditional Ladin culture with stunning Dolomites scenery and mouth-watering cuisine whilst Cortina d’Ampezzo is a true paradise for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Best resorts for self catered chalets in Austria

The Arlberg region boasts not one but two of the best resorts for self catered luxury chalets in Austria. Both St Anton and Lech have their own individual characteristics with St Anton being renowned for its legendary nightlife and Lech for its refined ambiance.

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