<p>Daunted by a skiing holiday with children? Our top tips will help you all enjoy a holiday in the mountains.</p>
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Top Tips for Skiing with Children

Daunted by a skiing holiday with children? Our top tips will help you all enjoy a holiday in the mountains.

Published at: 24 Nov 2019
Last updated at: 30 Oct 2023

Taking young children on a ski holiday can be a daunting task. However, with a little planning, there are plenty of ways to make it a fun and stress-free experience. Take a look at our top tips to help you really enjoy taking your children on their first ski trip.

Serena Norton
Serena Norton

1. Start them young

Children skiing in Val d'IserePhoto: Val d'Isere TO

Children from as young as two and a half can enjoy a ski holiday. At this age it is more about playing in the snow and enjoying activities in the mountains than actually skiing.

From the age of about four or five, children have the basic strength to cope with the physical demands of skiing and are likely to have a better attention span for learning too. Most children from the age of six upwards should be able to ski all day long.

Before your luxury ski holiday, it can be helpful to book them some lessons at a dry ski slope or snowdome as they will progress much quicker once they are in resort.

2. Leave the teaching to the professionals

Guide to Ski Lessons
Ski lesson in Crans MontanaPhoto: Luciano Miglionico

For the best ski schools and instruction, it is important to book early, particularly during peak periods like Half Term, Christmas and New Year. Even if you are a capable skier, it is better to leave teaching your children to ski to the professionals. Without the distraction of parents around, children tend to listen more attentively and be a little braver on the slopes.

3. Book a family-friendly chalet

Family-Friendly Luxury Ski Chalets
Playroom at Chalet Nyumba in VerbierPhoto: Chalet Nyumba

We have a wide variety of family-friendly chalets and apartments in our portfolio for you to choose from. These luxury chalets are set up to suit a variety of age groups and often have dedicated play areas, games rooms and bunk bedrooms for children.

Catered chalets are the most popular choice for families. You need not lift a finger when it comes to preparing meals and can spend quality time with your children. Many catered chalets also come with a driving service making it easier to get straight on the slopes and avoiding the tantrums that come with walking in ski boots and carrying equipment. It is also possible to book a nanny or babysitting service so you can enjoy some time to yourselves in the knowledge that your children are being safely supervised.

If you need cots, buggies, sterilisers etc, do check with the accommodation you have booked what they can provide. Most luxury chalets can provide the essentials but it is best to organise and pre-warn the team in resort in advance.

4. Make sure they are well-equipped

Children equipped for skiing in Val d'IserePhoto: Val d'Isere TO

There’s nothing worse than a miserable child on a ski holiday so make sure you have all the equipment needed for them to enjoy themselves. This means layers, layers and more layers…! Bear in mind that Christmas, New Year and half term will be a lot colder than skiing in March and April, so pack accordingly.

Goggles or sunglasses are essential to protect your children’s eyes from the sun and make sure you plaster on the sunscreen too. The UV rays reflecting off the snow are surprisingly strong in the mountains, even on a cloudy day so don’t get caught out. It is also handy to have a supply of small snacks to put in your children’s pockets in case they need an energy boost during their lesson.

5. Focus on the fun element

Top Activities for Non-Skiers
Family tobogganing in DavosPhoto: DDO/Stefan Schlump

Whilst it is important that the children learn to ski, a ski holiday is as much about spending time together and trying out new things, whether that be food or activities. There are so many other activities you can enjoy on a ski holiday aside from actually skiing. From tobogganing and ice skating to electric snowmobiling and husky rides, the options are endless.