<p>Immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland&#x27;s rugged landscape</p>
Photo: Deplar Farm

Luxury Experiences In Iceland

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland's rugged landscape

Published at: 4 Apr 2018
Last updated at: 9 Nov 2023

Far away from the crowds of tourists lies Deplar Farm, a remote retreat in the Fljot Valley where a variety of thrilling adventures await.

Serena Norton
Serena Norton
Deplar Farm exterior

Deplar Farm

Despite the rapid growth of tourism in Iceland, large areas of the country remain completely uncrowded. This includes the Troll Peninsula, a hidden gem in the north of the country which is increasing in popularity as an outdoor recreational area. In winter you can go heli-skiing in the mountains and in summer hike through the many vales or fjords, admiring the serene and beautiful scenery. Located on the Peninsula is Deplar Farm, a former working sheep farm which has been converted into an off-the-grid retreat, surrounded by astounding scenery. This 13-room Nordic escape is the ideal destination for those who want to experience a side of Iceland that few tourists have ever seen.

Getting to Deplar Farm

Surrounded by remote snow-covered valleys, getting to Deplar Farm is an adventure in itself. You either fly from Reykjavik on a turboprop plane to Akureyri where you are picked up by a Mercedes with Arctic track tyres, or you can arrive by helicopter. The farm combines world-class food and lodging with guided and personalised activities for guests of all ages and skill levels. With its fireside dinners, thermal baths where aperitifs are served as you soak and saltwater flotation tanks for meditation, Deplar Farm is a place to truly escape life’s daily grind.

Deplar farm yoga gym
Deplar Farm Lounge
Deplar Farm swimming pool

Deplar Farm is a Viking-luxe sanctuary in the midst of staggering, natural splendour. GQ

Deplar Farm skiing

Experiences to enjoy all year round

Come rain or shine, Iceland is a wonderful destination to experience all year round. At Deplar Farm you can spend the day peak-to-fjord heli-skiing, ski-touring, or snowmobiling, before experiencing the beauty of the Northern Lights from the outdoor, geothermal infinity pool or treating yourself to a massage. During no-fly weather days, it is possible to go cat skiing or even hot-spring hopping if the slopes aren’t for you. Whale watching and even surfing (in extra thick wetsuits) are possible in this rugged and diverse region. Adventure aside, restorative yoga and spa sessions, meditative workshops are all on offer if you would rather not leave the extreme comfort of the cosy lodge.

Summer at Deplar Farm

Summer opens up a whole new array of activities and experiences. Keen anglers will be excited by the range of fishing on offer. From fly fishing and sea angling to customized Atlantic Salmon fishing trips on exclusive Icelandic rivers, the opportunities are impressive. Horse riding, on the native Icelandic horses, along with mountain biking, is a fantastic way to explore the diversity of the scenery. Whether you wish to have a go at sea kayaking, peak climbing, or white water rafting, Deplar Farm gives you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the landscape, from the mountain peaks to the ocean shore. This is Iceland at its best.

mountain biking Deplar Farm
Deplar farm in summer
Horseriding Deplar Farm