<p>With sustainability becoming more important than ever, ski resorts have been doing their best to improve their eco-credentials.</p>
Photo: Verbier promotion/ Yves Garneau

5 Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Verbier

With sustainability becoming more important than ever, ski resorts have been doing their best to improve their eco-credentials.

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Published at: 26 Jan 2021
Last updated at: 13 Feb 2023

Verbier is just one resort which has committed to reducing the impact of tourism and winter sports on the environment. Many skiers are keen to minimise their carbon footprint so we’ve highlighted five of Verbier’s “green” initiatives to help alleviate your concerns.

Serena Norton
Serena Norton

1. ‘Green Mountain’ Programme

By using 100% renewable, locally produced energy, Televerbier’s Montagne Verte (Green Mountain) programme is committed to improving its carbon footprint. They are also installing energy-efficient appliances, improving snow-grooming and snow-making equipment, as well as developing environmentally friendly transport in collaboration with the Swiss Railways (CFF-SBB) and Verbier Express. Other features of the programme include the addition of solar panels to many of the lift stations to heat water which is then used in the nearby mountain restaurants and varying lift speeds on the Lac de Vaux so that they run at a slower pace when there are less people using them, thereby reducing consumption.

2. Devore & the Slow Food Movement

Promoting a resilient food system, Devore is a movement which aims to assist local authorities and restaurants transition towards more sustainable production practices. The main aim of Devore is to reduce waste and optimise food-related practices in the region. Alongside this is the Slow Food Movement which seeks to bring together consumers, producers and other ambassadors of healthy eating. Launched a year ago by the farmers and artisans of the nearby village Sarreyer, the movement has been expanded to include the Vollèges community bread oven group.

Art in VerbierPhoto: Verbier Promotion

3. Verbier Arts Summit

Taking place virtually on the 29th and 30th January 2021, the Verbier Arts Summit seeks to promote social change through art by bringing together innovative thinkers and influential artists to debate key issues.

The theme for this year's summit is “Hungry for Resources”, with speakers offering their differing perspectives on a resource hungry generation and reflecting on how we can find a new way forward. This year, the talks and debates will be presented in an open and participative online programme which can be explored over the course of the two day meeting.

4. Verbier Green

Recycling is made easier with Verbier Green, a company which seeks to provide materials to help businesses, private residences and chalet companies recycle all materials, including plastics and food waste. Verbier Green strives to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to recycling in order to help Verbier and the environment.

Sovereu Penthouse - Lagom propertyPhoto: Sovereu Penthouse

5. Environmentally-Friendly Ski Chalets

The need to balance luxury with sustainability is becoming increasingly apparent and chalet operators and owners are becoming more aware of the need to maximise their eco-credentials.

Verbier chalets and hotels have triple-glazed windows to reduce energy waste whilst many hotels have remote heating monitors so that buildings are only heated when absolutely necessary.

Also situated in Verbier is the company Lagom, a luxury chalet company that gives you the choice as to what you consume. For example, choosing whether you have bath products or how often you have your towels changed or linen laundered. These small changes can add up to make a big difference in your impact on the environment leaving you to enjoy a luxury holiday, guilt-free.