<p>Tignes has a plethora of winter activities to offer both skiers and non-skiers alike.</p>
Photo: Andy Parant

Top 5 Winter Activities in Tignes

Tignes has a plethora of winter activities to offer both skiers and non-skiers alike.

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Published at: 2 Oct 2020
Last updated at: 1 Jun 2023

Purpose-built in the 1970s as a ski resort, Tignes lies at the heart of the western half of the expansive Espace Killy linked ski area, with access to an incredible 300 km of slopes to explore with a maximum altitude of 3,456m. For those who don’t wish to ski, there are multiple activities to enjoy, from ice skating and dog sledding to paragliding and ice diving.

Jackie Slaughter
Jackie Slaughter
Paragliding in TignesPhoto: Stephane Cande

1. Soar high about the magnificent mountain landscape

Tignes is a wonderful place to ski during your holidays in France, but it's also a great destination to try some paragliding, admiring the snowy mountain landscape from far above. Enjoy a sense of freedom and adventure as you soar and glide like a bird and contemplate the world below. You don’t need to be a serious athlete to take part, you just need to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the views as you glide peacefully on high. Landing is usually straightforward and gives an impact similar to jumping off a step.

Touch back down and stay at Chalet Raven. With a private yoga studio and apres-ski bar, Chalet Raven has all bases covered when it comes to a luxury ski holiday.

Dog sledding in TignesPhoto: Greg Mistral

2. Enjoy a breathtaking dog sled ride over the frozen lake

Located in the heart of the resort, the frozen lake is the perfect place to enjoy an exhilarating ride by dog sled. The dog teams comprise three breeds, the Husky, Samoyed and Malamute, all with amazing physical abilities, and they love running in the cold. Wrap up warmly and trust the dogs’ instinct as they guide you almost effortlessly through the quiet, pristine wilderness. You can sit back and enjoy the ride or if you prefer, you can learn how to harness the dogs, lead the pack and drive the sled yourself - a must for dog lovers and an original way to explore. Prices start at 70 EUR for a discovery ride and 80 EUR for an introduction to mushing.

Continue the fun at Chalet Tango, ideal for both kids and parents with an incredible kids playroom and a mesmerising spa for the adults to relax.

Ice diving in TignesPhoto: Monica Dalmasso

3. Discover a magical world underwater

Tignes’ natural frozen lake is one of the many wonders of the Tignes-Val d’Isère area. The ice on the surface is between one and two metres thick and every day it reforms, creating a myriad of shapes, light and shadow that are simply magical when seen from below the ice under water.

Take a day off from skiing and on-land activities for a winter ice-dive experience in a whole different world under the ice. It’s a truly peaceful experience as you watch the air bubbles rising to reach the surface. Fully supervised by professional divers, with all equipment and facilities provided, this is an activity open to all levels, from total beginners to recognised qualified divers (PADI or other), and specialised PADI courses are also available.

Warm up in front of the fire at Chalet Arolla, offering ski-in/ski-out access and four floors of spacious living with exceptional facilities

Bun J ride in Tignes take offPhoto: Andy Parant

4. Dare to experience the exhilaration & thrills of a Bun J ride

The Bun J Ride ski jump is a thrilling adrenaline-boosting combination of ski jumping, bungee jumping and zip wire. After attaching two elasticated mobile bungee cords to a harness around your waist, you travel down a 30m runway then jump into a 40m abyss, with the bungee cords providing security and following your trajectory. Once you are stable, the system locks and you then zoom down the zip wire to the ground. It’s great fun and a fantastic way to pretend you are Eddie the Eagle! Prices start at 75 EUR per jump. Age and weight restrictions apply.

When your feet are firmly back on the ground, head back to your luxury chalet Chalet Opale and relax in the outdoor hot tub.

Ice driving in TignesPhoto: Greg Mistral

5. Show your skills behind the wheel & discover ice driving

Discover all the tricks and skills of ice driving at a specially designed track in Tignes les Brévières. If you have always wanted to perform stunts and tricks on ice at the wheel of a high performance car, then this is for you. With tuition for beginners and advanced drivers alike, you will learn how to take corners and bends at high speeds, controlling skids, emergency braking, counter-steering and much more, in the company of certified instructors. Private lesson from 70 EUR. Drivers need to be over 16 years and know how to drive (driving licence not essential).

Relax in the luxury spa at
Chalet Quezac after a day in the driving seat.