<p>Discover the Alps and make the most of your first skiing experience with our top tips for beginner skiers</p>
Photo: Sylvain Aymoz/Meribel Tourisme

Top Tips for Beginner Skiers

Discover the Alps and make the most of your first skiing experience with our top tips for beginner skiers

Published at: 27 Jul 2020
Last updated at: 13 Feb 2023

It can feel daunting learning a new sport, but with the guidance of experienced instructors and the right equipment, it is never too late to strap on a pair of skis and head down the slopes. Discover the Alps and make the most of your first skiing experience with our top tips for beginner skiers.

Alicia Bryan
Alicia Bryan

1. Book Lessons

Guide to Ski Lessons
Element Ski School giving lessons in VerbierPhoto: Element Concept, Verbier

While it can be tempting to learn how to ski with family and friends, it is best to have lessons, to begin with in order to avoid picking up bad habits and using an unsafe technique. With experienced instructors on hand to help, skiing lessons are the perfect way to learn to ski in a safe environment. For those looking to progress with like-minded people of a similar level, group ski school lessons are ideal, while those looking for a more personal approach can make the most of one-to-one lessons where instructors can really focus on your abilities and help you to progress quickly.

Make sure you pre-book your lessons if you are heading to the Alps in peak season as the ski schools soon fill up.

2. Be Patient

Children skiing in MeribelPhoto: Sylvain Aymoz/Méribel Tourisme

Don’t worry if you aren’t progressing as quickly as you would have liked to. Practice makes perfect, so have patience and discuss with your instructor on how you might be able to progress faster. Instructors will be able to help you build confidence and improve your technique, so it won’t be long before you’re making your way down that red run.

3. Choose the Right Resort

How to choose the best ski resort
Meribel ski area in the Three ValleysPhoto: Sylvain Aymoz/Meribel Tourisme

When deciding where to book your first ski holiday, take a look at the percentage of beginner slopes that make up each ski resort, as well as the available ski school options. The Three Valleys is particularly popular with first-time skiers due to its dedicated beginner areas as well as the extensive number of ski schools.

When renting a chalet in Zermatt, you can enjoy some incredible skiing in Switzerland and across into Italy. However, skiing here is predominantly best suited to intermediate and advanced skiers, so it might be best to save this resort for a skiing holiday in the future.

4. Ensure you have the Correct Equipment

Child beginner skier in Val d'IserePhoto: Andy Parant/Val d'Isere Tourisme

From a helmet to suncream, make sure you are prepared when starting your skiing adventure by having the right equipment for both safety and comfort. Ill-fitting boots and cold feet are the two most common complaints amongst first-time skiers so make sure you’re happy with your boots when they are being fitted and wear insulated ski gear to avoid getting cold and wet should you fall over.

Yoga class in MeribelPhoto: Sylvain Aymoz/Meribel Tourisme

Get your body slopeside ready before your ski holiday with the help of a series of exercises. It is no secret that the leg muscles will be working hard when skiing, and squats are a great way to build strength in your quad muscles prior to hitting the slopes. There are also plenty of non-skiing activities you can do during the off-season to boost your performance on the slopes.

Playing an important role in maintaining your balance in skiing, the exercises of sit-ups, planks and Russian twists will also all help to strengthen your core muscles, while stretching after a day on the slopes will aid you in conquering the runs with ease the following morning.