<p>Looking to enjoy a holiday in the mountains without skiing? Here are just some of the many activities you can enjoy.</p>
Photo: Méribel-Tourisme/ Sylvain Aymoz

Top Alpine Activities for Non Skiers

Looking to enjoy a holiday in the mountains without skiing? Here are just some of the many activities you can enjoy.

Published at: 13 Dec 2019
Last updated at: 20 Feb 2023

Want to enjoy a winter holiday this season but don’t know how to ski? With so many alternative activities available, non-skiers no longer have to miss out on an unforgettable trip to the Alps. If you fancy doing something a bit different on your next trip to the mountains, why not try a few of the following activities.

Alicia Bryan
Alicia Bryan
Dog sledding in Val ThorensPhoto: OT Val Thorens/T.Loubere

1. Dog Sledding

For lovers of dogs and winter sports, this activity is a must. Watch as the malamutes and huskies, bred for their strength and endurance howl with excitement as they get ready to take you on tours of the beautiful winter landscapes.

An activity which allows you to witness the bond between man and his best friend, enjoy the beauty of nature taking in the crisp mountain air and the soft patter of paws pulling you along. A great family activity, you can choose from a variety of sledge sizes with the opportunity to learn how to mush.

Snowshoeing in Gstaad in winterPhoto: Destination Gstaad/Melanie Uhkoetter

2. Snowshoeing

For fans of hiking, why not try snowshoeing. Originating over 6,000 years ago, this is one of the original snow sports and is a great way to exercise as you discover the hidden regions of your resort. Snowshoes are designed to distribute your weight over a wider area than snowboots, making it easier to walk over the snow as you follow trails and explore the backcountry.

With access to a number of forest trails and mountain hikes, Chamonix is a great place to snowshoe. You can even join the Full Moon trek under the starry skies and with the moon lighting your way.

Ice driving in Val d'IserePhoto: Andy Parant/Val d'Isere Tourisme

3. Ice Driving

A great way to improve your confidence and safety whilst driving in snowy conditions, ice-driving lessons will give you the opportunity to improve skills such as emergency braking, turning and controlled skidding. With the help of a professional driver, master the skill of driving on snow and ice as you make your way around the track and performance area. Those who are keen petrol heads and looking to have a bit of fun will love the challenging layout of hairpins, and the pure adrenaline of s-bends and wide turns.

Take a spin on the highest racing track in Europe, lying at 2,200m in Val Thorens or stay in a luxury chalet in Val d'Isere and have a go on one of the only karting tracks on outdoor ice in France.

Ice diving in TignesPhoto: Monica Dalmasso

4. Ice Diving

If you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating experience, why not discover the beauty of the underwater world through ice diving? Enjoy the peace and quiet below the ice surface as light creates a kaleidoscopic array of colours around you.

With nothing but the sound of your breath through your mouthpiece and air bubbles scattering as they hit the underside of the ice, you will follow a route of several holes connected by a rope whilst accompanied by an instructor. For further excitement, Tignes also offers night time diving.

Paragliding in TignesPhoto: Stephane Cande

5. Paragliding

Discover your resort on another level as you take in the breathtaking bird’s eye view of the snowy landscape below you. Uncover the sensational feeling of flying and the rush of adrenaline as an experienced professional guides you through the air to a safe landing.

An activity which can be done in both summer and winter, paragliding is the purest way to experience the mountains from above - no engine, no noise, just you and the landscape.